Une Folle Journée Diamant Edition

24 March 2023 / Launch

Trilobe enters the world
of High Jewellery

Trilobe favours complexity over simplicity, innovation over déjà vu, liberation over immobility, with 150 diamonds in motion.

One year after the launch of its collection Une Folle Journée, Trilobe takes its first step on the High Jewellery scene with a luminous and innovating piece, inspired by the ceiling of the Paris Opera house. The three rotating rings are adorned with exceptional diamonds whose secret setting, invisible to the naked eye, was designed with the expertise of craftsmen from rue de la Paix.

This new creation showcases outstanding know-how. Two years of research & development were required to achieve this true prowess at the crossroads of High Watchmaking and High Jewellery.

A watchmaking and jewellery prowess

While preserving the elegance and extravagance of Une Folle Journée, Trilobe chose to set its symbolic
rings. A real technical challenge that would have been impossible to undertake without a complete
architectural overhaul of the piece. Thus, the rings were entirely redesigned to accommodate 150 baguette diamonds. An evolution of material was also essential to guarantee the performance and reliability of the movement.

A Trilobe signed setting 

The material as well as the thinness of the rings, providing a limited space for the precious stones, led the House to develop an innovative setting process in collaboration with expert gem-setters from Rue de la Paix, RJC certified. The 150 diamonds of the Hours, Minutes and Seconds are set through an invisible opening and then slide along the ring, thanks to a unique system developed exclusively by Trilobe.

The know-how of the gem-setter is combined with the expertise of a renowned diamond trader from Place Vendôme, RJC certified, to bring Une Folle Journée Diamant to life. Carefully selected according to high quality and traceability standards, the 150 stones are meticulously diamond-cut to measure to fit perfectly the curves of Trilobe’s three iconic rings.

Trilobe finds its inspiration in the Garnier Opera house

Emblematic of the 7 art forms, the Garnier Opera House is a strong symbol for Trilobe, who never ceases to reflect its affinity for the arts through its creations.

Look up to the sky to admire an 8-meter high chandelier whose splendour is undeniable. 314 lights, named the diamond belt, adorn the work of contemporary artist Marc Chagall. The fresco is divided into 12 triangles and forms a circle that must be read by a 360° rotation. This mural was once controversial because of its audacity and avant-gardism. Yet today, it is considered as an indissociable element of the Opera house and subtly reflects the identity of Trilobe.

Une Folle Journée Diamant is available upon request with a platinum or rose gold case.

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Watches and Wonders Geneva 2023

03 February 2023 / Event

Watches and Wonders 2023
Meet Trilobe at the not-to-be-missed Geneva watch fair

In a few weeks, the not-to-be missed watchmaking event will take place: Watches & Wonders, that Trilobe has the pleasure to attend for the 3rd time. This exceptional show will bring together the 50 main actors of the watch industry for a week full of wonders, from March 27 to April 2nd. The fair will take place in the most appropriate place to celebrate watchmaking: Geneva. The halls of Palexpo will host the festivities: launch of new products, watch presentations, conferences, exhibitions and meetings with the founders and designers of your favorite timepieces. For the 2023 edition, the Watches and Wonders Geneva Foundation is taking new resolutions! Watches & Wonders, previously restricted to the press, retailers and guests of the exhibiting Maisons, will now be open to the public for one weekend only, from April 1st to April 2nd. A limited number of tickets are already for sale on the website at this address.

As good news come in pairs, the day of March 30 will be followed by a skilfully orchestrated watchmaking rally in the evening.  In the City will be an opportunity to discover special creations, ornate pieces or rare watch complications in the boutiques of Rue du Rhône and Rue Basses.

Trilobe is delighted to be back with the independant Maisons of the Carré des Horlogers for this new edition of Watches & Wonders and is looking forward to presenting you its 2023 novelties. We are expecting you from March 27 to April 2 in Geneva!

To know more : watchesandwonders.com

Trilobe x Grail Watch Edition

19 Décember 2022 / Collaboration

Trilobe for Grail Watch 

“Imagine the three primary time-telling disks first brought to life in Les Matinaux now powered by an alien force field, so that they levitate off the dial and are retained only by the canopy of domed sapphire crystal.” Wei Koh

An exclusive partnership 

Introducing Une Folle Soirée, our limited edition in collaboration with Grail Watch. This piece combines the artistic expressiveness of Trilobe with the luminous signature of Wei Koh, founder of Revolution, Grail Watch and The Rake. The 25 numbered pieces of this edition were sold out within minutes, following its launch on the Grail Watch platform on Monday, November 19th. [DISCOVER]

A luminous signature

“My first impression when setting eyes on Une Folle Journée was of three UFOs in a coordinated flight pattern landing on the surface of a planet. And I knew immediately that I would love to see this featuring a maximum light show when the watch was in an ambient or dark setting.” Wei Koh

The edition Une Folle Soirée is thus characterized by its luminous signature, which distinguishes it from our collection “Une Folle Journée” (A Crazy Day). The numerals, the indicator and the edges of the bridges and plates are covered with a luminescent coating.

“Step into darkness and the watch simply ignites on your wrist, giving another dimension to the thrilling artistic expressiveness of Trilobe.” Wei Koh

Like a flying saucer

The three rings of the hours, minutes and seconds are tiered and fly at a 10.2mm height, a true watchmaking prowess. Projected in space and balanced by 9 pillars, Trilobe’s rings are each the result of a complex assembly.

They fly in the air carrying with them the scales of time: the largest ring for hours, the median one for minutes, the smallest one for seconds.

The open dial enables to savour the watchmaking craftsmanship of a Swiss Made calibre, without losing sight of the rotating rings’ singularity.

Wei Koh 

Considered one of the greatest watch influencers of this century. It all began in 2005, when Wei Koh launched the watch magazine Revolution, which is now published in 17 countries and has become one of the most influential paper magazines in the world. In early 2022, he unveiled his new project around watchmaking, Grail Watch, through which he partners with independent watch brands to offer exclusive limited edition pieces to his community.  Our piece Une Folle Soirée, launched in December 2022, is the third chapter of Grail Watch, and follows a collaboration with Ressence and Franck Muller.

Technical specificities : 

Calibre X-Centric³, self-winding mechanical calibre with micro-rotor. Luminescent coating on the edges of the plates and bridges. 48 hours of power reserve. Balance frequency: 28’800 vph (4 Hz). Functional rubies: 33. Total components: 196

Movement dimensions
Thickness : 6.49 mm
Diameter : 35.2mm.

A display concept composed of three devices representing the hours, minutes & seconds

Hours, minutes, seconds subdial displayed by rotating rings and a fixed pointer. Titanium rings colorized through DLC coating (Diamond-Like Carbon). Pad-printed numerals. Luminescent coating on numerals and pointer

Leather with a pin buckle in titanium

Made of grade 5 titanium. Mirror-polished surfaces alternating with satin-brushed treatments. Domed bezel with sapphire crystal and multi-layered anti-reflective treatment (ARDUR). Brought horns. Anti-reflective sapphire back. Water-resistance tested to 5 bar (≈ 50 meters)

Case dimensions
Thickness: 17.8 mm
Diameter : 40.5 mm
Height : 10.2 mm
Lug to lug : 48 mm
Lug width : 20 mm

Trilobe @ Time For Art

12 December 2022 / Event

Trilobe @ Time For Art

On December 10 and 11, 2022, in New York, took place the first ever auction of watches to benefit contemporary art and its artists. 100% of the proceeds is donated to them, through the Swiss Institute.

This event highlights the close ties between the worlds of art and watchmaking, through the sale of pieces with unique and innovative designs that reveal the singular vision of their creator.

Trilobe for the occasion sold a limited edition at $16, 380 which was estimated at $6,000-12,000.

Nuit Fantastique Désert, a unique piece

Trilobe is supporting the Time For Art auction by redesigning its Nuit Fantastique collection with a «Desert» edition.

“Nuit Fantastique” is a proud representative of the House, of its creativity and audacity: classic in its purity, offbeat and contemporary, with a disruptive and novel reading of the time.

For this edition, the iconic grained dial has been given the color of desert sand, appreciated for its elegance and sophistication. Underlining and sublimating the symbol of infinity through a contrast of colors, the grained dial awakens under the light of polished and satin-finished angles, like grains of sand in a desert lit by a radiant sun.

Designed for a grade 5 titanium case, the Desert Edition of the Nuit Fantastique collection pays tribute to the purity of Trilobe’s design. It embodies with finesse and style a timeless and refined luxury, for an offbeat watch creation.

The complicity between Art and Trilobe 

From its conception, Trilobe has placed art at the heart of its DNA. Like a work of art, Trilobe aspires through its watches to make people feel emotions by telling stories in a new form based on even more innovative techniques.

Trilobe has been inspired by literature, René Char, Stefan Zweig or Beaumarchais, for their works that take an opposite view of the world we live in, in order to propose a new reading of time.

Architecture is also a great source of inspiration for Trilobe and is reflected in its designs. The name of the brand is borrowed from a universal and timeless architectural motif echoing the three pillars of time.

Thus, Trilobe has never ceased to strengthen its affinity with the world of the arts, and in particular with contemporary art. One example is its unique collaboration with Daniel Buren, one of the most recognized French artists on the international scene, for the 2021 edition of the Only Watch charity auction.

Trilobe x Dubai Watch Club Edition

18 November 2022 / Collaboration

Trilobe for the Dubai Watch Club 

Through the mashrabiya screen, he observes the beauty of the landscape.
Under the light of a setting sun, the sand of the desert takes a copper color.
He dreams of a flourishing oasis where several shades of green intertwine.
A rare and cherished color in the region.

Exclusively for the Dubai Watch Club enthusiasts, Trilobe faced the challenge to rethink its iconic «Nuit Fantastique» collection. A brand new design, the result of a meeting between two men sharing a common passion for watchmaking, Nawaf Al Abdooli and Gautier Massonneau.

Nuit Fantastique is a classic: its design overturns the status quo, inviting you to open up to the world and its new perspectives. Trilobe transports you: inspired by oriental architecture, the watch is dressed up with a guilloche dials adorned with mashrabiya motif. Its hue is reminiscent of the national flag of the Emirates or the Arab League one. The numerals, written in literary Arabic, tell the story of time by gently scattering on the dial. A mesmerizing ensemble, which perfectly represents the image of the Dubai Watch Club.

An harmonious and singular design based on Trilobe’s foundations. Still equipped with the X-Centric calibre, the signature movement of the brand, Trilobe engraved the Dubai Watch Club’s symbol on the micro rotor. 

The elegant guilloche dial defies symmetrical shapes and is made up of four parts, three of which are in permanent rotation. Raw and uncluttered, this unstructured dial opens three distinct windows: The larger ring for hours, the minute wheel that appears within an aperture, and the seconds wheel that alternates between a “Clous de Paris” center and an azured ring. The intertwining of the minutes and seconds gives a glimpse of the infinite and the time that goes on endlessly, within a satin-finished and polished in-dial bezel.

Technical specificities : 

Self-winding integrated mechanical calibre with micro-rotor. 48 hours of power reserve. Balance frequency: 28’800 vph (4 Hz). Functional rubies: 33. Total components: 230

Movement dimensions
Thickness : 5,78 mm
Diameter : 35,2 mm

A display concept composed of three devices representing the hours, minutes & seconds located on the same plane as the dial

Hours, minutes, seconds subdial displayed by rotating rings and fixed indicators

Camel leather with titanium pin buckle

Made of titanium grade 5. Made up of 7 pieces. Mirror-polished surfaces alternating with satinbrushed treatments. Domed bezel with sapphire crystal and multi-layered anti-reflective treatment (ARDUR). Brought lugs. Anti-reflective sapphire back. Water-resistance tested to 5 bar (≈ 50 meters). Push button crown.

Case dimensions
Thickness: 9.2 mm
Diameter: 38.5 mm
Lug to lug: 45.5 mm
Lug width: 20 mm

Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève 2022

10 November 2022 / Event

Trilobe wins the prize "Petite Aiguille" at the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie in Geneva

“Petite Aiguille” for a watch with no hands

After being nominated for three consecutive years for the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève, our watch “Nuit Fantastique Dune” won on November 10, 2022. The jury rewarded Trilobe’s creative and daring spirit with the “Petite Aiguille” prize for a watch without hands, but with confidence. Offering an intuitive reading of the time, our “Nuit Fantastique” is a proud representative of our House: “Hands less but with a sprinkle of magic”. Classic in its refinement, offbeat and contemporary, with a disruptive and singular reading of the time. This prize is certainly an emblematic stage of maturity for Trilobe.

A look back at our first trilogy

We are proud to receive this award, at the dawn of our 4th year. On December 17, 2018, Gautier Massonneau launched, at the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Paris, the inaugural series “Les Matinaux”, after three years of research & development. By doing so, he turned the traditional world of Swiss watchmaking upside down with eccentrically designed automatic watches.

After Les Matinaux, the Nuit Fantastique and Une Folle Journée complete the French trilogy. With the same technical and aesthetic signature. Between minimalism and eccentric use of hours, minutes and seconds. Morning, Noon and Evenings, these three collections are also completed by a personalized edition, “Secret”, and based on the signature automatic movement, the X-Centric Trilobe calibre.

Geneva Watch Days 2022

6 july 2022 / Event

Geneva Watch Days 2022
Trilobe takes part in the watch show

Trilobe is delighted to take part in the 2022 edition of the Geneva Watch Days alongside the prestigious members of this organization, representing the state-of-the-art in watchmaking. After 2 successful editions, the Geneva Watch Days is now back for the third time with the same spirit.  The watch show will take place at the heart of the watchmaking capital from August 29th to September 1st and will gather about 20 brands during 4 days around an innovative concept.

The Geneva Watch Days stands out for its unique format with an exhibiting area open to the public and exclusive suites for brands to welcome their guests in the finest hotels nearby.  The common Pavilion located at the Rotonde du Mont-Blanc will be the rallying point of the show. This area will not only host watch exhibitions but also talks and watchmaking presentations for the public during daytime and special events in the evening for the brands and their guests.

For those who could not attend Watches and Wonders last April, the GWD is the ideal occasion to discover our novelties, including our latest collection Une Folle Journée. Our models will be exhibited at the Pavilion for the duration of the show, while the brand will take up residence at an hotel nearby.

For those who will not be able to join us, you will however be able to explore the show online and to discover our latest releases on the Geneva Watch Days website.

We are looking forward to seeing you in August!

Nuit Fantastique Dune

6 june 2022 / Launch

Trilobe in two-tone

This new model takes as its mantra “best of both worlds“, for a pure and natural creation. This time, our iconic grained dial dons its summer dress with a colour reminiscent of dune sand. For fans of 1930s vintage chic, this Dune edition is the rebirth of a fiery, flamboyant hue whose refinement has already proven itself. Emphasizing and sublimating the infinity symbol through a colour contrast, the dune grained dial awakens under the light of the polished and satin-finished angles, like grains of sand in a desert lit by a radiant sun.

Designed for a titanium grade 5 or 18-carat rose gold case, the Dune edition of the Nuit Fantastique collection pays tribute to the purity of Trilobe’s design. The treatment of the stamped and grained dial unfolds the dune color of this edition, thus creating the illusion of sand settled on the dial. This edition is an ode to natural, sophisticated, and humble elegance, embodying with finesse and style a timeless and refined luxury, for an offbeat watch creation.

Collaboration Trilobe x Fabrice Ausset, à l'occasion du salon Watches & Wonders 2022

Collaboration with Fabrice Ausset

May 16, 2022 / Collaboration 

Trilobe x Fabrice Ausset
Carré des horlogers - W&W 2022

For its first physical participation in Watches and Wonders, Trilobe joined the architect-designer Fabrice Ausset to enhance its space. In the Carré des Horlogers, Trilobe had the honour of revealing its collections while seating comfortably on the Rocks on the Moon, in a stand designed by Procept, event designer and producer.

The collaboration of Fabrice Ausset – creator of Rocks on the Moon – with the Fine watchmaking brand Trilobe appeared as an obvious choice. Trilobe wished to assert its innovative vision of time: a time for oneself, a time we offer ourselves, a reconnection bubble, which allows contemplation. A time that frees itself from the surrounding immediacy, and suggests to anyone who will listen that life is also around us and, more importantly in front of us.

This is the philosophy behind Fabrice Ausset’s rocks. In a landscape that lends itself to contemplation and height, these extracts of nature are volumes encouraging discussion and exchange, evolving constructions with a random fate that one can modulate at will. They offer a soft shape to the body which takes hold of them, curls up in them, finds its position.

It is also the idea of «rethinking» that unites the two craftsmen, by choosing to challenge some previously untouchable absolutes. For more than 7 centuries, we have been reading the time in the same way, and everything suggests that we have been sitting on a chair since the Egyptian era… Why not offer something else? A watch without hands? A more instinctive way of sitting?

This is the heart of the Trilobe x Fabrice Ausset collaboration: to break what has been earned. To the question «how do we sit in 2022?» Fabrice Ausset has chosen to answer with anachrony. An almost archaic return to our roots: the body finds a spontaneous, authentic, almost naïve position on these rocks. It thus contemplates the time offered to it on a Trilobe watch, which has only one message: to free this time. A meaningful collaboration that will make many people meditate: on age-old rocks, reading an innovative time, and combining opposing temporalities. An oxymoron if ever there was one!