15 september 2019 / Launch

"Secret" EditionTrilobe unveils its personalized edition

“Secret” Edition is an invitation to immortalise a precious moment in a poetic way.

A unique piece

Each dial is personalised and made bespoke: a map of the sky with the stars from the day, time and place that are dear to you, thus, making each watch a unique piece. A subtle way to free time, from a happy or promising moment, and to freeze it for eternity.

At nightfall, after being activated by a UV light, the drawn stars come to life and light in order to illuminate the chosen moment, thus suspending the passage of time. A new invitation to free oneself from time. A unique and meaningful timepiece.


This watch with a starry sky was Trilobe’s initial project. Facing such technical complexities, this project was developed in parallel with the collection “Les Matinaux”. It took two years of R&D to reach the final result with a personalised watch in an intimate and poetic way.

Indicate a date, a place and a time under “a lucky star” and we obtain the position of the stars for this place and this precise moment. The constellations are engraved on the watch. Each star is then filled one by one with superluminova.


Each starry sky dial is custom-made through transfer of the stars. We obtain the position of the stars through an algorithm of 1600 constellations, around a repetitive 4-year cycle. Thus, we are able to determine the starry sky for a moment in the past or in the future. This algorithm is based on the book “Calculs astronomiques à l’usage des amateurs” (Jean Meeus, Société astronomique de France, Paris, 1986). Thus, we are capable to determine the sky of a moment in the past but also in the future.