Collaboration Trilobe x Fabrice Ausset, à l'occasion du salon Watches & Wonders 2022

Collaboration with Fabrice Ausset

May 16, 2022 / Collaboration 

Trilobe x Fabrice Ausset
Carré des horlogers - W&W 2022

For its first physical participation in Watches and Wonders, Trilobe joined the architect-designer Fabrice Ausset to enhance its space. In the Carré des Horlogers, Trilobe had the honour of revealing its collections while seating comfortably on the Rocks on the Moon, in a stand designed by Procept, event designer and producer.

The collaboration of Fabrice Ausset – creator of Rocks on the Moon – with the Fine watchmaking brand Trilobe appeared as an obvious choice. Trilobe wished to assert its innovative vision of time: a time for oneself, a time we offer ourselves, a reconnection bubble, which allows contemplation. A time that frees itself from the surrounding immediacy, and suggests to anyone who will listen that life is also around us and, more importantly in front of us.

This is the philosophy behind Fabrice Ausset’s rocks. In a landscape that lends itself to contemplation and height, these extracts of nature are volumes encouraging discussion and exchange, evolving constructions with a random fate that one can modulate at will. They offer a soft shape to the body which takes hold of them, curls up in them, finds its position.

It is also the idea of «rethinking» that unites the two craftsmen, by choosing to challenge some previously untouchable absolutes. For more than 7 centuries, we have been reading the time in the same way, and everything suggests that we have been sitting on a chair since the Egyptian era… Why not offer something else? A watch without hands? A more instinctive way of sitting?

This is the heart of the Trilobe x Fabrice Ausset collaboration: to break what has been earned. To the question «how do we sit in 2022?» Fabrice Ausset has chosen to answer with anachrony. An almost archaic return to our roots: the body finds a spontaneous, authentic, almost naïve position on these rocks. It thus contemplates the time offered to it on a Trilobe watch, which has only one message: to free this time. A meaningful collaboration that will make many people meditate: on age-old rocks, reading an innovative time, and combining opposing temporalities. An oxymoron if ever there was one!

New Collection Une Folle Journée

March 14, 2022 / Launch

Collection "Une Folle Journée"
Trilobe unveils its third collection

An invitation to reach new heights
Remaining faithful to our Maison’s offset artistic DNA, Une Folle Journée is a piece which echoes Trilobe’s first editions and puts our fundamental pillars into perspective. With its rotating and floating eccentric rings, this collection hits new heights by combining fine watchmaking traditions with a contemporary design.

Our Inspiration : Beaumarchais (Le Mariage de Figaro)
The brilliant rhythm of a thrilling storyline which takes us on an unforgettable journey. One of enthusiasm, passion, and panache. Following in the footsteps of Figaro, the main purpose with this piece is to shatter the shackles of tradition by passionately embracing freedom and emancipation. While Beaumarchais, well-known playwright and clockmaker to the King of France, sharpens his pen to fight against a narrow-minded society, Trilobe makes a creative statement in favour of X-Centricity. This freedom bias gives rise to an artistic take: break the rules, ban hands. More than an invitation, Une Folle Journée urges you to embrace your difference.

Trilobe’s Innovation
The Watch hits new heights to forge a technical bond between its off-centre rings and its X-Centric³ (cubic) signature movement. This is what makes the strength of Trilobe’s innovation: the rings are intrinsic to the movement, which alone makes it possible to free Time.

A movement in space
The dial, open for the first time, enables to savour the watchmaking craftsmanship of a Swiss Made calibre, without losing sight of the rotating rings’ singularity. The unfolding of the complication, signed by Trilobe, gives curious onlookers the opportunity to contemplate a striking movement powerfully revisited. The three-dimensional design offers a view on a technical motor assembly with 196 custom-made components.

The rings propelled into the air
The three rings of the hours, minutes and seconds are tiered and fly at a 10.2mm height, a true watchmaking prowess. Projected in space and balanced by 9 pillars, Trilobe’s rings are each the result of a complex assembly.

Like a flying saucer
Une Folle Journée is available in black and blue and comes in a titanium grade 5 case, built with brought lugs around a case middle alternating polished and satin finish.

Ecrin avec un ciel étoilé personnalisé destiné à abriter la montre Secret

A unique case

13 december 2021 / Launch

An intimate & personalised case

To the Secret watch, Trilobe has now added an extra layer of personalisation: a starry case. Under a cover made of bluish sycamore and cedar wood marquetry, a sky map, the result of Trilobe innovation, becomes a decorative element of a precious enclosure. Dressed up with a starry sky illuminating a unique and intimate secret, Trilobe brings a new touch of magic, poetry and emotion into this object, which then reflects all the power of the Secret watch it contains.

A collaboration Trilobe x Elie Bleu

Initially designed to house the watch, this case can, if desired, take on a more aromatic role. Indeed, this large blue lacquered box can accommodate up to forty Robusto cigars in the best conditions. For cigar lovers, this exceptional box is the result of a unique collaboration with the Parisian cigar maker Elie Bleu.

Specialised in precious boxes, the craftsmen and manufacturer perpetuate the know-how of master cabinet makers. The high standards of quality and technicality achieved in the making of this exceptional product echo those respected by the master watchmakers of La Chaux-de-Fonds who developed Trilobe watches. Elie Bleu puts his creativity at the service of his productions, working with noble materials and respecting the traditions of which he has been the guarantor for nearly 45 years, and for the first time in a personalised work.

Case specifications

Box made of two types of wood (Sycamore and Cedar).

Cover decorated with a bespoke starry sky reflecting the day time and place that are dear to you, making each case a unique piece.

Cigar humidor
Capacity of 40 cigars in the Robusto format.
Equipment including a humidifier and a needle hygrometer.

Width : 30 cm
Depth : 24,50 cm
Height : 11,50 cm

Care instructions
1. Keep away from heat sources
2. Clean the varnished surface with a
microfiber towel
3. Never use water inside the case

Price upon request
Delivery time: 4 months after receipt of the order 

Trilobe a participé à la 5ème édition de la Dubai Watch Week

Dubai Watch Week 2021

29 november 2021 / Event

Dubai Watch Week 
Trilobe takes part in the Emirati Fair

Trilobe is delighted to have taken part in the 5th edition of Dubai Watch Week, which gathered around 50 watch brands, from 24 to 28 November. The DWW was a great opportunity for the brand to raise its profile internationally among worldwide aficionados and actors of the industry who came to assist to this major event. On this occasion, Trilobe was also able to interact with its peers in a relaxed and open environment.

Founded by Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons in 2015, Dubai Watch Week, which takes place every two years, is the greatest non-commercial event in the watchmaking industry. The aim of the DWW is very clear : “We’re not here to sell, we’re here to educate and to promote watchmaking. Our goal is to create an unparalleled educational, experiential and networking event.” These are the words of Hind and Mohammed Seddiqi during their opening speech on November 24.

Thus, this event is a golden opportunity for the brands to present their novelties, whether they are destined for the local or global market, and to strengthen their image with a diverse audience.

In the purpose of enlightening participants, developing their knowledge and expanding their thinking on the watchmaking topic, the 2021 edition of Dubai Watch Week offered a rich and diverse program including discussion panels, masterclass and workshops.

The hosts of DWW also took the opportunity to pay a tribute to the United Arab Emirates’ 50th anniversary by presenting a special collection with exceptional pieces in limited edition.

High point of the watchmaking industry in 2021, Dubai Watch Week enabled the industry actors to gather altogether and celebrate the watchmaking expertise for a week, a long awaited moment after months of industry paralysis because of the pandemic.

Découvrez la nouvelle édition Havane de notre collection Nuit Fantastique, exclusive en Or Rose

Nuit Fantastique Havana

29 october 2021 / Launch

A timeless and sophisticated luxury
for an offset timepiece

Designed exclusively for a Rose Gold case, the Havana edition of the Nuit Fantastique collection is a true treasure of style and refinement. The chocolate-coloured grained dial skilfully marries the delicacy of the rose gold on the infinity flange, the iconic symbol of the Nuit Fantastique collection.

To discover our collections, contact us to arrange a personalised appointment at our Parisian Pied-à Terre (2nd).

Where to find us:
+33 1 42 33 52 96

Watches and Wonders Geneva 2022

20 october 2021 / Event

Watches and Wonders 2022 
Trilobe takes part in the Geneva Watch Show

After participating in the 100% digital edition of the Watches and Wonders Watch Show in 2021, Trilobe has the honour to take part in the 2022 edition, alongside the most prestigious watch brands. For this new edition, the show will take place in an hybrid format. After two years of being entirely online, the year 2022 marks the long-awaited return of Watches and Wonders in Geneva, for an immersive experience in the setting of Palexpo. 40 Houses will be reunited for the first time for 7 days, from 30 March to 5 April, and will vibrate to the rhythm of a thrilling watch-industry week. But visitors of the show will also be able to live the experience online, by accessing all contents on the digital platform, live or in replay : Product presentations, new product launches, keynotes, panel discussions and conferences.

However, nothing can ever replace in-person experience, and Watches and Wonders 2022 promises to be a wonderful reunion to which Trilobe is delighted to attend.

Trilobe will have the pleasure of exhibiting in the Carré des Horlogers, alongside fifteen independent designers at the centre of the show. This highly awaited watchmaking summit, likely to be the key event of 2022, will be the right time for the brand to present its collections and latest developments to the watchmaking world. But Watches and Wonders is above all an incredible opportunity for Trilobe to raise awareness and set itself apart by immersing visitors of the show in its X-Centric world.

Whether in Geneva or elsewhere in the world, make a date for this leading watchmaking summit! Join us from 30 March to 5 April 2022, in-person or online.

More information at













Montre Trilobe de la collection Nuit Fantastique, cadran noir grainé.

Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève 2021 Preselection

15 September 2021 / Event

Trilobe preselected to the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève 2021

The academy of the 21st Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix (GPHG) has given its verdict and Trilobe is very pleased to announce its preselection in the “Petite Aiguille”* category, for the third consecutive year.

“Petite Aiguille”* for a watch without hands, a happy coincidence or a bold move from the jury? This wink results undoubtedly from the magic of a watch liberating time, thus surprising us at first glance through an assumed step aside.

This year, the new Nuit Fantastique (Fantastic night) collection is the one that caught the attention of the GPHG Academy.The design of this creation plays on perceptions. The elegant black grained dial is a real technical challenge. It is made up of four parts, three of which are in permanent rotation : the ring for hours; the minutes wheel that appears within an aperture; the seconds wheel alternating between a centre in clous de Paris and an azured ring. The intertwining of the minutes and seconds gives a glimpse of the infinite and time that goes on endlessly, within a satin-finished and polished in-dial bezel.

Designed and developed in the singular spirit of the brand, the Nuit Fantastique watch is equipped with the X-Centric calibre, Trilobe’s signature automatic movement with micro-rotor. With a thickness of 5.78mm this movement combines finesse and performance.

Visit the GPHG website to find out more:

*Translated into “Small Hands” in English

The Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix Foundation invites you to discover the official preselection 2021 on its website: The 84 watches nominated by the GPHG jury will take part in a travelling exhibition in Geneva, Paris, Saint Petersburg and Dubai between October and November 2021.

The final list of winners will be unveiled on November 4 2021 during the prize-giving ceremony of the 21st Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix.

Les Matinaux in 38,5mm

12 november 2020 / Launch

"Les Matinaux" Collection 
Trilobe unveils a new edition

In a spirit of both continuity and break with the past, tradition and innovation, poetry and architecture, Trilobe unveils two years after its launch a more feminine interpretation of its collection ‘‘Les Matinaux’’, focusing on style rather than gender.

To reinvent its watch every morning without losing its own characteristics, ‘‘Les Matinaux’’, now available with a smaller case of 38,5mm, dresses up with materials and colors. A various and colored range of straps equipped with an interchangeable system completes the collection. A more stylistic and sparkling universe but always timeless!

In keeping with the unique spirit of the brand, this edition of Les Matinaux houses the integrated automatic movement of Trilobe, the X-Centric calibre. Mirror of the brand identity, this calibre enhances architectural geometry : a contemporary distinction with a refined design. Its harmony brings refinement and modernity to this unique piece while the micro-rotor combines finesse and technical performance.

Article sur la marque de montres de luxe Trilobe dans le Figaro Magazine

Press Review – Le Figaro Magazine

30 October 2020 / Media

Trilobe x Le Figaro Magazine

« One must dare to tell time without hands »

In his article « Hands of time », Judikael Hirel traces the history of hands that dress up the dial of our watches for centuries. These hands have a major role in watchmaking as indicators of time.

Many different hands’ models have distinguished themselves over the centuries and are sometimes as well known as the watch they dress up. But even though they stand out with their design and their story, they all have one thing in common : their mobility.

Trilobe wished to go against traditional moving hands by conceiving fixed indicators that allow time to run free on the dial of the watch. For centuries, time was frozen under moving hands. Now, with Trilobe, time is liberated. Hence our credo « Time Liberated ».

These indicators, which strictly speaking are not hands, are in shape of trefoils, a timeless and universal architectural motif made of three circular arcs, that echoes the three pillars of time: Hours, Minutes and Seconds.

In this article, Judikael Hirel salutes the boldness of Trilobe who “dares” to offer a new way to tell time, without hands, allowing the brand to distinguish itself in the Fine Watchmaking competitive environment.

Trilobe at SIAR 2020

2 October 2020 / Event

Trilobe at SIAR 2020
– Mexico –

Trilobe is pleased to be present at the 14th edition of the international watch exhibition Alta Relojeria (SIAR), alongside 34 other fine watchmaking brands.

For the 9th consecutive year, the fair will take place at the St Regis Hotel, from October 20 to 22 of this year.

The SIAR belongs to the circle of watch exhibition with an international reputation. It is chosen both by major brands and independent ones to meet their final customers, the south-american retailers and the local press.

Meeting point of the watch industry in Latin America, this fair attracts collectors, aficionados, and journalists from across the country as well as surrounding countries.

Trilobe joins the ranks of many prestigious independent watch brands participating in the exhibition, a step in the international development of the brand, one month after signing a distribution contract in the United States.

Its presence at the SIAR is an opportunity to develop its reputation on the South and Central American market, by presenting the brand both to professionals from the watch industry and watch enthusiasts. On this occasion the brand will also unveil its latest developments launched throughout the year 2020.

We look forward to seeing you at the SIAR exhibition:

From 20 to 22 october
 11AM to 21PM
At the St Regis hotel, 1st floor
Paseo de la Reforma #439, Colonia Cuauhtémoc, México