12 December 2022 / Event

Trilobe @ Time For Art

On December 10 and 11, 2022, in New York, took place the first ever auction of watches to benefit contemporary art and its artists. 100% of the proceeds is donated to them, through the Swiss Institute.

This event highlights the close ties between the worlds of art and watchmaking, through the sale of pieces with unique and innovative designs that reveal the singular vision of their creator.

Trilobe for the occasion sold a limited edition at $16, 380 which was estimated at $6,000-12,000.

Nuit Fantastique Désert, a unique piece

Trilobe is supporting the Time For Art auction by redesigning its Nuit Fantastique collection with a «Desert» edition.

“Nuit Fantastique” is a proud representative of the House, of its creativity and audacity: classic in its purity, offbeat and contemporary, with a disruptive and novel reading of the time.

For this edition, the iconic grained dial has been given the color of desert sand, appreciated for its elegance and sophistication. Underlining and sublimating the symbol of infinity through a contrast of colors, the grained dial awakens under the light of polished and satin-finished angles, like grains of sand in a desert lit by a radiant sun.

Designed for a grade 5 titanium case, the Desert Edition of the Nuit Fantastique collection pays tribute to the purity of Trilobe’s design. It embodies with finesse and style a timeless and refined luxury, for an offbeat watch creation.

The complicity between Art and Trilobe 

From its conception, Trilobe has placed art at the heart of its DNA. Like a work of art, Trilobe aspires through its watches to make people feel emotions by telling stories in a new form based on even more innovative techniques.

Trilobe has been inspired by literature, René Char, Stefan Zweig or Beaumarchais, for their works that take an opposite view of the world we live in, in order to propose a new reading of time.

Architecture is also a great source of inspiration for Trilobe and is reflected in its designs. The name of the brand is borrowed from a universal and timeless architectural motif echoing the three pillars of time.

Thus, Trilobe has never ceased to strengthen its affinity with the world of the arts, and in particular with contemporary art. One example is its unique collaboration with Daniel Buren, one of the most recognized French artists on the international scene, for the 2021 edition of the Only Watch charity auction.