July 18, 2023 / Event

Une Folle Journée Réconciliation Trilobe and the art of Kintsugi

Trilobe is honored to be taking part in the 10th edition of Only Watch, a charity auction created in 2005 in support of Duchenne muscular dystrophy. The auction has already raised nearly 100 million euros for research into muscular dystrophy and neuromuscular and genetic diseases. 2023 marks the Brand’s third participation. For this occasion, Trilobe has chosen to transform its latest creation “Une Folle Journée” into a singular timepiece echoing the philosophy of Only Watch.

13 years after coming across the Japanese art of Kintsugi (金 継 ぎ) while in Tokyo, Gautier Massonneau, Founder and Creative Director of Trilobe, decided to draw from it to create a unique piece, “Réconciliation”. This art consists of repairing broken objects with gold. A profoundly inspiring philosophy: instead of rejecting damaged objects, Kintsugi considers that their scars carry stories that deserve to be valued. The radiance of gold, a noble and precious material, gracefully reconciliates beauty and imperfection, transforming these wounds into a symphony of light.

The story of this piece thus transcends physical mechanics and plunges its readers into the realms of philosophical contemplation. With its exposed fractures, this timepiece bears witness to the passage of time. Like the tribulations of life that shape us, this unique creation pays tribute to the journey it has undertaken – a transformative odyssey where it has been intentionally broken, emerging even more precious and captivating.

The impact marks on the rings and the movement are handmade by a craftsman watchmaker who achieves a hammered effect finish on the bridges, the plate and the symbolic rings. The damaged parts are then gilded by hand with gold leaves. This piece of art thus resonates with Only Watch’s profound philosophy of seeing beauty in all things.

In the field of watchmaking, where precision and perfection reign supreme, the Trilobe “Une Folle Journée” collection stands out for its unique expression of time and embodies a new narrative in the art of watchmaking. At the heart of this collection lies a captivating innovation, that challenges traditional codes. Featuring a 10.2 mm high sapphire dome, the watch shows three rotating rings, representing the hours, minutes and seconds, set in motion by a system of pillars.

A unique piece, the “Réconciliation”, will be sold at the 10th edition of Only Watch, on 5 November 2023, in Geneva.