L'Heure Exquise Edition

25 March 2024 / Launch

Trilobe unveils the edition Les Matinaux
L'Heure Exquise

Trilobe is renewing itself by exploring for the first time the world of lyrical horological complications, with a timepiece adorned with a moon phase.

With this new edition, belonging to its first collection, “Les Matinaux”, Trilobe wants to push poetry to a higher level, by linking time with its most ancient element: the sky.

Encased in grade 5 titanium or 18k rose gold, this model comes in several variations with sand-blasted dials: Dune, Blue and Secret.

Limited series of 100 pieces

A waltz of celestial wonders, lyrical and enchanting 

In this new temporal setting, an enchanting celestial door opens at the heart of the dial, within a polished and satin-finished flange. It reveals a ballet of stars dancing on a sapphire crystal to the rhythm of the seconds. Beneath this celestial waltz, two moons intertwine in a rhythmic you-and-me. They face each other in the night sky of the sunray disc, metamorphosing to the rhythm of this new X-Centric calibre.

The first complication of the Maison

A gear wheel with 59 cogs evokes the orbit of the Moon around the Earth, completing a full cycle of 29.5 days. Through this mechanism, the moons quietly reveal their age. For the first time, the moon phase is co-axially linked to the seconds wheel, under a dynamic and mesmerizing starry sky.

A tribute to our inaugural series 

Trilobe draws from the classic aesthetic of its first collection, “Les Matinaux”, and replicates the dial structure identically in the edition “l’Heure Exquise”, featuring five elements, each with notable variations.

The hour and minute rings continue to run smoothly across the dial, but a slight tilt of the numerals accentuates the movement of the discs, highlighting the
passage of time. A single trilobe now serves as the indicator for the hours and minutes, while the seconds flow freely across the dial through a starry sapphire glass.

The reading of time

It is 9 hours and 55 minutes

The trilobe, a universal and timeless architectural motif, echoes the three pillars of time – Hours, Minutes and Seconds – and becomes the new indicator of time.

The elegant dial with its matt, sand-blasted finish is a real technical challenge. It defies symmetrical shapes, and is made up of five parts, three of which are in permanent rotation, in an anti-clockwise direction:

The largest ring for the hours;
The median for the minutes;
The starry sapphire glass rotating to the rythm of the seconds.

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Montre Trilobe de la collection nuit fantastique, mouvement automatique avec micro-rotor, cadran guilloché de couleur brume

Nuit Fantastique Brume Edition

28 August 2023 / Launch

Trilobe unveils Nuit Fantastique

Guilloche Edition

This timepiece, a fine line between rupture and continuity, combines a contemporary design with traditional watchmaking know-how.

At the heart of this new creation, and for the first time on a Maison Trilobe model, is a guilloché technique known as “Barley Grain“, which is the aesthetic focus of the piece.

The design of this ancient motif has been reworked exclusively for this new edition, in alignement with Maison Trilobe eccentric displays.

When opposites meet : a creation marked by duality

The ambivalence of this piece is conveyed through the relief of the dial, which unites two traditional decorative watchmaking techniques. The Clous de Paris guilloche, with its incisive rectilinear pattern, contrasts with the spheres of the Grain d’Orge guilloche, formed by interlaced curves. The Grain d’Orge guilloche takes as its starting point the center of the minute window and highlights the Trilobe time display. Trilobe called on a guilloche craftsman to shape the intricate Grain d’Orge pattern on the fixed part of the dial.

A veil between light and dark

“On Nuit Fantastique Brume”, the fixed part of the dial and the hour ring feature an ambiguous shade between gray and brown that oscillates with light. Just like ”mist”, the English translation of the name of this model, the classic hue evokes infinite timelessness. Subtlety shines through the pigment, adding to the refinement of our Maison’s latest creation.

A new interpretation of time signed by Trilobe

Drawing inspiration from the minimalist design of the Nuit Fantastique collection, the elegant guilloche and grained dial is a major technical achievement that emphasizes the watch’s elegance. It defies the laws of symmetry; made up of four parts, three of them permanently rotate: the largest wheel for the hours; the minutes wheel that appears within an aperture and the seconds wheel, which alternates between a “Clous de Paris” centre and an azured ring.

A piece signed “Paris-France”

Nuit Fantastique Brume is equipped with the X-Centric calibre, an automatic movement designed and developed exclusively by Trilobe. For the first time, it bears the words “Paris – France“, a symbol of the development of our Maison, which recently inaugurated its own watchmaking workshop in Paris. In this workshop, our expert watchmakers carry out the final stages of manufacturing Trilobe timepieces. Each piece is entirely assembled and cased-up by a watchmaker, who works with rigor and precision to guarantee an impeccable finish, in line with the Maison’s high standards.

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Montre Trilobe de la collection une folle journée, mouvement automatique avec micro-rotor, cadran de couleur dune.

Une Folle Journée Dune Edition

24 March 2023 / Launch

Launch of Une Folle Journée Dune
for Watches & Wonders 2023

One year after the launch of its model Une Folle Journée, Trilobe offers a new interpretation, “Dune”, of its collection. For this new edition, the three iconic levitating rings, in permanent rotation, don a stormy grey dress.

The rings of the hours, minutes and seconds are tiered and fly at a 10.2mm height, a true watchmaking prowess. Projected in space and balanced by 9 pillars, Trilobe’s rings are each the result of a complex assembly.

These three discs are highlighted by the singular colour of the bridges, for a creation both raw and delicate.

A tribute to Nuit Fantastique Dune 

Emphasizing and sublimating the rings of time by a contrast of colours and materials, the bridges don their summer dress with a colour reminiscent of dune sand.

The surface treatment of the bridges reveals the presence of the X-Centric calibre and creates the illusion of sand settled on the face of the movement. The subtle tint of the bridges awakens under the light of the polished edges, like grains of sand in a desert lit by a radiant sun.

For fans of 1930s vintage chic, this Dune edition is the rebirth of a fiery, flamboyant hue whose elegance has already proven itself.

Designed for a titanium grade 5 or 18-carat rose gold case, the Dune edition of the collection Une Folle Journée pays tribute to the purity and sophistication of our model Nuit Fantastique Dune. On the rose gold model, the shade of the bridges skilfully marries the delicacy of the rose gold for a refined creation.

The X-Centric calibre, automatic movement and hallmark of the brand 

The dial, open for the first time, offers a view on a technical motor assembly with 196 custom-made components and enables to savour the watchmaking
craftsmanship of an exceptional calibre.

Une Folle Journée Dune is equipped with the X-Centric calibre, an automatic movement designed and developed exclusively by Trilobe. Integrated into
the X-Centric calibre, the 6.49 mm thick micro-rotor movement combines finesse and technical performance.

Entirely revisited for the collection Une Folle Journée, the X-Centric calibre is taking shape around multi-tiered bridges and plates, whose sharp edges have been carefully polished by hand or with diamond tools to emphasize the microblasted treatment performed on their plane surfaces.

Montre Trilobe une folle journée diamant, mouvement automatique avec micro-rotor, anneaux sertis de 150 diamants.

Une Folle Journée Diamant Edition

24 March 2023 / Launch

Trilobe enters the world
of High Jewellery

Trilobe favours complexity over simplicity, innovation over déjà vu, liberation over immobility, with 150 diamonds in motion.

One year after the launch of its collection Une Folle Journée, Trilobe takes its first step on the High Jewellery scene with a luminous and innovating piece, inspired by the ceiling of the Paris Opera house. The three rotating rings are adorned with exceptional diamonds whose secret setting, invisible to the naked eye, was designed with the expertise of craftsmen from rue de la Paix.

This new creation showcases outstanding know-how. Two years of research & development were required to achieve this true prowess at the crossroads of High Watchmaking and High Jewellery.

A watchmaking and jewellery prowess

While preserving the elegance and extravagance of Une Folle Journée, Trilobe chose to set its symbolic
rings. A real technical challenge that would have been impossible to undertake without a complete
architectural overhaul of the piece. Thus, the rings were entirely redesigned to accommodate 150 baguette diamonds. An evolution of material was also essential to guarantee the performance and reliability of the movement.

A Trilobe signed setting 

The material as well as the thinness of the rings, providing a limited space for the precious stones, led the House to develop an innovative setting process in collaboration with expert gem-setters from Rue de la Paix, RJC certified. The 150 diamonds of the Hours, Minutes and Seconds are set through an invisible opening and then slide along the ring, thanks to a unique system developed exclusively by Trilobe.

The know-how of the gem-setter is combined with the expertise of a renowned diamond trader from Place Vendôme, RJC certified, to bring Une Folle Journée Diamant to life. Carefully selected according to high quality and traceability standards, the 150 stones are meticulously diamond-cut to measure to fit perfectly the curves of Trilobe’s three iconic rings.

Trilobe finds its inspiration in the Garnier Opera house

Emblematic of the 7 art forms, the Garnier Opera House is a strong symbol for Trilobe, who never ceases to reflect its affinity for the arts through its creations.

Look up to the sky to admire an 8-meter high chandelier whose splendour is undeniable. 314 lights, named the diamond belt, adorn the work of contemporary artist Marc Chagall. The fresco is divided into 12 triangles and forms a circle that must be read by a 360° rotation. This mural was once controversial because of its audacity and avant-gardism. Yet today, it is considered as an indissociable element of the Opera house and subtly reflects the identity of Trilobe.

Une Folle Journée Diamant is available upon request with a platinum or rose gold case.

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Montre Trilobe de la collection les matinaux, mouvement automatique avec micro-rotor, cadran soleillé de couleur argent.

Les Matinaux Collection

18 december 2018 / Launch

"Les Matinaux" Collection
Trilobe unveils its first collection

Spirit of the collection : Take a step aside 

Because you recognize a beautiful day from the morning, and, above all, a tribute to René Char’s poetry collection: a book that takes an opposite view of the world we live in. A poetry that combines refinement and simplicity. An invitation to be bold and to take the time. “Impose your luck, embrace your happiness and go towards your risks: by looking at you, they’ll get used to it.” René Char paves the way for hope and boldness. It is in this spirit that Trilobe was created.

Les Matinaux is available in Silver, Grey, Blue, Carmine, Green and ‘‘Secret’’. With its sober and elegant titanium case and resistant sapphire crystal, this creation reveals a new vision of time.

Fusion of poetry, architecture and design

The Trilobe
An ornamental pattern made of several circular arcs that echoes the three pillars of time – Hours, Minutes and Seconds. Timeless and universal, this architectural figure gives its name to the brand, and becomes the new indicator of time.

The Sainte-Chapelle rose window 
Chosen for the skeleton of the seconds disc. A mysterious place for Parisians, far from the distracted eyes of passers-by. A so-called “radiant” architecture, allowing the rays of light to enter. No other building had been so bright before its construction. A luminous and subtle invitation into the heart of the movement.

Three eccentric and rotating rings turning counterclockwise: an opposite stance from traditional watchmaking. Look closely… Many other details are hidden on the watch: The traditional fish traded for a duck as symbol for the water-resistance of our watches ; Three non-aligned trilobes, that will intrigue many. A touch of poetry and eccentricity on your wrist!

X-Centric vision of watchmaking

In keeping with the unique spirit of the brand, the watches from Les Matinaux Collection are equipped, since 2020, with the X-Centric calibre, a signature automatic movement developed exclusively for Trilobe. Mirror of the brand identity, this calibre enhances architectural geometry: a contemporary distinction with a refined design. Its harmony brings refinement and modernity to the collection. Integrated into the X-Centric calibre, the micro-rotor combines finesse and technical performance.

Montre Trilobe de la collection nuit fantastique, mouvement automatique avec micro-rotor, cadran grainé de couleur dune.

Nuit Fantastique Collection

7 april 2021 / Launch

"Nuit Fantastique" Collection
Trilobe unveils new collection

Trilobe, an urgent invitation to take your time! But what for?
For a Fantastic Night!
To take possession of life passionately!
To quiver with refinement, to live and to open up to one’s destiny!
To discover the world around us with new perspectives, Let time surprise us, live every minute without wanting to master them!

Nuit Fantastique was created An evening of lockdown, in an environment full of shackles, rules and prohibitions. Trilobe’s new creative passion, timeless and mysterious, invites you to escape, to free time and space.

Contemporary and classic, «Nuit Fantastique» is a plunge into the deconstructivism called «New Modern Architecture». An architecture that invites to rethink freely: new geometries, atypical forms, movement and dynamism! This unconventional architecture shakes up what we know, disturbs our way of conceiving forms and their functions. It is a new movement that advocates the go beyond the traditional patterns.

The design of this creation favours minimalism and plays with perceptions.
The elegant, grained dial is a real technical challenge, underlying the watch elegance.
It defies symmetrical shapes and is made up of four parts, three of which are in permanent rotation. Raw and uncluttered, this unstructured dial opens three distinct windows: the largest ring for the hours; the minutes wheel that appears within an aperture and the seconds wheel, which alternates between a “Clous de Paris” centre and an azured ring.

The intertwining of the minutes and seconds gives a glimpse of the infinite and the time that goes on endlessly, within a satin-finished and polished in-dial bezel. A new touch of universality and timelessness that is part of this time set in motion, always counterclockwise, an X-Centric conception of watchmaking dear to Trilobe.

Nuit Fantastique is available in silver, black, night blue and «Secret». With a sober and elegant 7 pieces steel case and a resistant sapphire crystal, this creation unveils a new interpretation of the passage of time by Trilobe, while remaining faithful to the X-Centric movement that is the signature of our House.

Montre personnalisée Secret avec un cadran étoilé sur-mesure

Secret Edition

15 september 2019 / Launch

"Secret" Edition
Trilobe unveils its personalized edition

“Secret” Edition is an invitation to immortalise a precious moment in a poetic way.

A unique piece

Each dial is personalised and made bespoke: a map of the sky with the stars from the day, time and place that are dear to you, thus, making each watch a unique piece. A subtle way to free time, from a happy or promising moment, and to freeze it for eternity.

At nightfall, after being activated by a UV light, the drawn stars come to life and light in order to illuminate the chosen moment, thus suspending the passage of time. A new invitation to free oneself from time. A unique and meaningful timepiece.


This watch with a starry sky was Trilobe’s initial project. Facing such technical complexities, this project was developed in parallel with the collection “Les Matinaux”. It took two years of R&D to reach the final result with a personalised watch in an intimate and poetic way.

Indicate a date, a place and a time under “a lucky star” and we obtain the position of the stars for this place and this precise moment. The constellations are engraved on the watch. Each star is then filled one by one with superluminova.


Each starry sky dial is custom-made through transfer of the stars. We obtain the position of the stars through an algorithm of 1600 constellations, around a repetitive 4-year cycle. Thus, we are able to determine the starry sky for a moment in the past or in the future. This algorithm is based on the book “Calculs astronomiques à l’usage des amateurs” (Jean Meeus, Société astronomique de France, Paris, 1986). Thus, we are capable to determine the sky of a moment in the past but also in the future.


Montre Trilobe de la collection une folle journée, mouvement automatique avec micro-rotor, cadran de couleur noir.

Une Folle Journée

March 14, 2022 / Launch

Collection "Une Folle Journée"
Trilobe unveils its third collection

An invitation to reach new heights
Remaining faithful to our Maison’s offset artistic DNA, Une Folle Journée is a piece which echoes Trilobe’s first editions and puts our fundamental pillars into perspective. With its rotating and floating eccentric rings, this collection hits new heights by combining fine watchmaking traditions with a contemporary design.

Our Inspiration : Beaumarchais (Le Mariage de Figaro)
The brilliant rhythm of a thrilling storyline which takes us on an unforgettable journey. One of enthusiasm, passion, and panache. Following in the footsteps of Figaro, the main purpose with this piece is to shatter the shackles of tradition by passionately embracing freedom and emancipation. While Beaumarchais, well-known playwright and clockmaker to the King of France, sharpens his pen to fight against a narrow-minded society, Trilobe makes a creative statement in favour of X-Centricity. This freedom bias gives rise to an artistic take: break the rules, ban hands. More than an invitation, Une Folle Journée urges you to embrace your difference.

Trilobe’s Innovation
The Watch hits new heights to forge a technical bond between its off-centre rings and its X-Centric³ (cubic) signature movement. This is what makes the strength of Trilobe’s innovation: the rings are intrinsic to the movement, which alone makes it possible to free Time.

A movement in space
The dial, open for the first time, enables to savour the watchmaking craftsmanship of a Swiss Made calibre, without losing sight of the rotating rings’ singularity. The unfolding of the complication, signed by Trilobe, gives curious onlookers the opportunity to contemplate a striking movement powerfully revisited. The three-dimensional design offers a view on a technical motor assembly with 196 custom-made components.

The rings propelled into the air
The three rings of the hours, minutes and seconds are tiered and fly at a 10.2mm height, a true watchmaking prowess. Projected in space and balanced by 9 pillars, Trilobe’s rings are each the result of a complex assembly.

Like a flying saucer
Une Folle Journée is available in black and blue and comes in a titanium grade 5 case, built with brought lugs around a case middle alternating polished and satin finish.

X-Centric Calibre

15 may 2020 / Launch

"X-Centric" Calibre
Trilobe unveils its automatic movement

Trilobe’s watches are equipped with the X-Centric calibre, an automatic movement designed and developed exclusively for Trilobe.

Trilobe has entrusted its manufacture and partner of La Chaux-de-Fonds, le Cercle des Horlogers, with the task of architecturing its automatic movement with a micro-rotor. Its mission: combine the technical challenge with an ‘‘artistically offbeat’’ approach, while perpetuating Swiss watchmaking excellence. In that spirit, the calibre was designed from amazing architectural perspectives that will take you back to the genesis of Trilobe adventure.

The iconic stature of this unique movement does not only reside in its technical complexity, but also in its handmade finishes involving an outstanding level of detail. Modern, sleek, and refined, these finishes, whether visible or hidden in the heart of the watch, make this calibre into a real artistic creation: micro-blasted and wedged bridges & plates, hand polished wedged ratchet and tints in Trilobe shades.

Montre Trilobe de la collection nuit fantastique réalisée en collaboration avec Hodinkee, mouvement automatique avec micro-rotor, cadran guilloché de couleur noire.

Trilobe x Hodinkee

June 29, 2023 / Launch

Nuit Fantastique
Limited Edition for Hodinkee 

“A timepiece that showcases our idea of beauty through the Hodinkee lens”
Gautier Massonneau, Trilobe’s Founder and Creative Director. 

Trilobe is proud to join forces with Hodinkee and to unveil a limited and numeroted edition of 30 pieces. This exclusivity is a fusion of horological heritage and the Maison’s contemporary DNA.

This creation draws on the minimalist aesthetic of the Nuit Fantastique collection while boasting a truly noteworthy evolution– the guilloche dial that is adorned with not one but two distinct patterns.

Guilloche represents a harmonious blend of tradition and complexity, serving as one of the most challenging techniques for crafting a dial. Trilobe has previously ventured into this type of finishing only once before, further underscoring the significance of this design element.

The base of the dial shows an exquisite Grain d’Orge patterning, meticulously carved into the surface using a hand-operated rose engine machine. This time-honored apparatus, largely unchanged over the course of several centuries, demands the skillful expertise of an artisan to intricately shape the dial’s motifs. Within the seconds disk, a Clous de Paris pattern takes form—an elegant arrangement of straight-line engravings that starkly contrast with the dial’s rounded etchings. The juxtaposition of these contrasting elements generates a captivating visual tension, enhancing the allure of both designs.

To accentuate the prominence of the captivating guilloche patterns on the dial, a deliberate decision was made to omit the Trilobe name while retaining the logo, which serves a dual purpose as the hour marker. This thoughtful approach ensures that the guilloche designs take center stage, allowing their intricate beauty to command attention and become the focal point of the watch.

Focusing on the hours ring, Trilobe chose to offer a fresh take on timekeeping by trading Arabic numerals for the timeless elegance of Roman numerals, a humble way to pay tribute to the history of time telling. A slight slant to the numerals accentuates the movement of the outer disk, emphasizing the passing of time.

The Trilobe Nuit Fantastique Limited Edition For Hodinkee measures just 38.5mm in diameter and 9.2mm thick, offering a perfect balance between presence on the wrist and comfort. The case is made from lightweight Grade 5 titanium, lending its greyish hue to the satin-brushed mid-case. The polished lugs flow to a slightly domed bezel that houses a sapphire crystal with multi-layered anti-reflective treatment (ARDUR), ensuring an optimal view from any angle.

Powering this watch is a self-winding mechanical movement with a micro-rotor, called the X-Centric Calibre. The X-Centric Calibre is designed and created by Trilobe and manufactured by hand in Switzerland’s storied La Chaux-de-Fonds by Le Cercle des Horlogers.

With a 48-hour power reserve and an operating frequency of 28.800 vibrations per hour (4Hz), the X Centric Calibre represents a marvel of engineering composed of 33 functional rubies and a total of 215 components. Turning the watch over will reward you with a view of the movement that features micro-blasted bridges and plates, which are frosted to achieve a fine-grain effect in the brass and then electroplated for a striking black-gold surface.

Along the edge of the caseback, the individual number of each watch is engraved X/30, a reminder that the Trilobe Nuit Fantastique Limited Edition for Hodinkee is part of a very exclusive production run of just 30 pieces.