December 18, 2022

A look back over the key steps

These four founding years were extremely rich for Trilobe, which never ceased to renew itself while preserving its singularity and staying the course.

In 2021, Trilobe had the honour of joining the Watches & Wonders exhibition, alongside the most prestigious Houses, and thus to establish its reputation among industry professionals and watchmaking enthusiasts. Since then, the brand has been present around the world, and soon in more than 20 countries.

Finally, the French brand has continued to strengthen its affinity with the world of the arts and in particular contemporary art, notably through its participation in the Only Watch and Time For Art auctions. One example of this is its unique collaboration with Daniel Buren, one of the most internationally renowned French artists, for the 2021 edition of the Only Watch charity auction.

Horloge La Réciproque, fruit d'une collaboration entre Trilobe et l'Artiste Daniel Buren

“Impose your luck, embrace your happiness and go towards your risks: by looking at you, they’ll get used to it.”

It is in this spirit that the House has been marking out a path of hope and audacity since its inception. And this is also how the year 2022 caps off, with two prizes as rewards. First, the Watch of the Year prize, organised by My Watch, awarded to its Une Folle Journée watch. Second, the «Petite Aiguille» prize awarded to the Nuit Fantastique Dune watch by the jury of the highly prestigious Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix (GPHG). But the road is long and Trilobe still has many surprises in store!