07 July 2021 / Event

Trilobe by Daniel Buren for Only Watch 2021

Trilobe is very proud to support once again Only Watch in its 2021 edition. Since the first edition in 2005, Only Watch has come a long way in accelerating the knowledge of Duchenne muscular dystrophy that affect hundreds of thousands of people.

It is to honour this extraordinarily ambitious project that the Trilobe watchmaking House and the Sculptor Daniel Buren have decided to offer a unique and meaningful collaboration, a singular creation.

« La Réciproque » – Trilobe by Daniel Buren

The reciprocal is the action that subjects perform on each other: two reciprocal forces that materialise into a unique artistic creation. Daniel Buren and Trilobe have fun with this encounter: opposing forms and colours, disturbing the view, questioning the mind. Art and watchmaking oppose and meet each other, in reciprocal forces.

It is from this desire for reciprocity that the Trilobe by Daniel Buren project was born: to combine a young watchmaking House with one of the most recognised Artist on the international scene. Around a scarlet beating heart, designed as the scarlet beating heart of the work, imagine a duality between the technicality of the watchmaker and the unique proposal of the Artist in an immediate dialogue with the «X-Centricity» of Trilobe. It is, above all, the exhilarating prospect to realise a unique artwork to serve a great cause.

The Trilobe clock by Daniel Buren is a singular work of art in which the eccentric vision of the Artist cannot be understood without the technical expertise of the Watchmaker. It also remains faithful to the tradition of excellence in watchmaking and offers us the immutable and inimitable ticking of the great clocks.

Between patience and determination, the Trilobe project by Daniel Buren is a true reciprocal.

Horloge Trilobe par Daniel Buren, La Réciproque, développée à l'occasion de la vente Only Watch 2021