Collaboration Trilobe x Fabrice Ausset, à l'occasion du salon Watches & Wonders 2022

Collaboration with Fabrice Ausset

May 16, 2022 / Collaboration 

Trilobe x Fabrice Ausset
Carré des horlogers - W&W 2022

For its first physical participation in Watches and Wonders, Trilobe joined the architect-designer Fabrice Ausset to enhance its space. In the Carré des Horlogers, Trilobe had the honour of revealing its collections while seating comfortably on the Rocks on the Moon, in a stand designed by Procept, event designer and producer.

The collaboration of Fabrice Ausset – creator of Rocks on the Moon – with the Fine watchmaking brand Trilobe appeared as an obvious choice. Trilobe wished to assert its innovative vision of time: a time for oneself, a time we offer ourselves, a reconnection bubble, which allows contemplation. A time that frees itself from the surrounding immediacy, and suggests to anyone who will listen that life is also around us and, more importantly in front of us.

This is the philosophy behind Fabrice Ausset’s rocks. In a landscape that lends itself to contemplation and height, these extracts of nature are volumes encouraging discussion and exchange, evolving constructions with a random fate that one can modulate at will. They offer a soft shape to the body which takes hold of them, curls up in them, finds its position.

It is also the idea of «rethinking» that unites the two craftsmen, by choosing to challenge some previously untouchable absolutes. For more than 7 centuries, we have been reading the time in the same way, and everything suggests that we have been sitting on a chair since the Egyptian era… Why not offer something else? A watch without hands? A more instinctive way of sitting?

This is the heart of the Trilobe x Fabrice Ausset collaboration: to break what has been earned. To the question «how do we sit in 2022?» Fabrice Ausset has chosen to answer with anachrony. An almost archaic return to our roots: the body finds a spontaneous, authentic, almost naïve position on these rocks. It thus contemplates the time offered to it on a Trilobe watch, which has only one message: to free this time. A meaningful collaboration that will make many people meditate: on age-old rocks, reading an innovative time, and combining opposing temporalities. An oxymoron if ever there was one!

Trilobe's launch in Germany

17 may 2021 / Partnership

Our launch in Germany

Maison Trilobe is very pleased to announce its launch in Germany, in partnership with CPR Climax Public Relations. We are joining prestigious brands that are promoting their know-how and the excellence of their expertise through the voice of Thomas Glaue.

The deployment of Trilobe in Germany is part of an international development strategy. After the United States, Hong Kong and Mexico, Trilobe is delighted to be able to count Germany in its distribution network.

Contact : 
CPR climax public relations UG
Moorweidenstrasse 8

Lancement de la marque de montres de luxe Trilobe aux Etats-Unis

Trilobe's launch in the United States

1st september 2020 / Partnership

Our launch in the United States

“Tough times provide opportunities for the small but experienced professionals to distinguish themselves and grow.” Alexis Sarkissian, president and founder of the distribution agency Totally Worth It.

Trilobe is very pleased to announce its launch in the United States, in partnership with the agency Totally Worth It, which includes prestigious brands able to generate the interest and enthusiasm of retailers, private clients and press.

After evolving in the watchmaking industry for more than 20 years, Alexis Sarkissian decided to launch its distribution agency in North America, specialized in exceptional timepieces.

Trilobe’s implementation in the United States is part of its international development strategy, one and a half year after the launch of the brand in France. Hong-Kong marks the next step of Trilobe’s expansion outside French borders, with the opening of a corner in Lavish Attic concept store at the end of october.

Contact :
Totally Worth It
76 Division Avenue
Summit, NJ 07901
+1 201 894 4710 Office
+1 724 263 2286 Mobile

Trilobe at – Only Watch 2019

02 July 2019 / Event

Trilobe « Les Matinaux » x Only Watch

“You only fight well for causes you yourself have shaped, with which you identify and burn” René Char


Trilobe is very proud to support the Only Watch Charity Auction. This auction, that will be held on the 9th of November 2019 in Geneva, is the premier international watchmaking charity event. Since 2005, the Monegasque Association has already raised more than 40 million Swiss Francs in funds. These funds proceeds to finance research in the field of  Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a degenerative neuromuscular disease that affects more than 3500 young people around the world.


Trilobe’s unique piece “Les Matinaux” – Only Watch 2019 – is a tribute to all communities fighting strongly and audaciously for effective research and patient’s treatments in the future.
This unique piece in bronze compresses life challenges into prose from René Char engraved at the back of the watch.
René Char is a poet who fearlessly shouted out “Impose your luck, embrace your happiness and go toward your risks: by looking at you, they’ll get used to it”. He paved the way for hope, courage, human warmth and wisdom. With the courtesy of Madame Char and Gallimard Publishing House, the back of the watch has been exclusively engraved with his quote along with the poet’s original signature.

To learn more about Only Watch and its fight against the Duchenne muscular dystrophy:

Visitez le corner Trilobe au Printemps Haussmann à Paris

Trilobe at Printemps Haussmann – Paris

02 May 2019 / Collab

Trilobe corner at Printemps Haussmann
– Paris –

A temple of Parisian chic, a listed historical monument and a world reference in fashion and luxury, Trilobe is delighted to join the most emblematic brands in watchmaking and jewellery.
Meet us on the first floor of the Le Printemps Luxury, boulevard Haussmann, in Paris.

Retrouvez les montres de luxe Trilobe dans la boutique Temps & Passion à Monaco

Trilobe at Temps & Passion – Monaco

11 April 2019 / Collab

Trilobe at Temps & Passion
– Monaco –

Trilobe was pleased to inaugurate its presence during the reopening cocktail after the embellishment of the boutique Temps et Passion in Monaco.
A watchmaker with a great know-how in exceptional watches in Monaco, a place for professionalism and expertise where enthusiasts meet.

Hugo Marchand et sa montre Trilobe Les Matinaux en bleu soleillé

Hugo Marchand, friend of Trilobe

17 December 2018 / Collab

Hugo Marchand, Trilobe ambassador
for our launch party

“Dance is architecture in motion.”
He dances, he flies, he swirls, he grabs a second of weightlessness, excels in his art and makes you dream. Hugo Marchand, star dancer of the Paris Opera since 2017, embodies architecture in motion” and our values of boldness, artistic sensitivity and technical prowess.
We were deeply honoured to welcome Hugo Marchand, such a talented and passionate Trilobe ambassador for our launch, at the “Musée des Arts et Métiers” in Paris.

Hugo Marchand and his watch « Les Matinaux » in Sunray Blue

Hugo Marchand et sa montre Trilobe Les Matinaux en bleu soleillé

Hugo Marchand and his watch « Les Matinaux » in Sunray Blue

Hugo Marchand et sa montre Trilobe Les Matinaux en bleu soleillé