02 July 2019 / Event

Trilobe « Les Matinaux » x Only Watch

“You only fight well for causes you yourself have shaped, with which you identify and burn” René Char


Trilobe is very proud to support the Only Watch Charity Auction. This auction, that will be held on the 9th of November 2019 in Geneva, is the premier international watchmaking charity event. Since 2005, the Monegasque Association has already raised more than 40 million Swiss Francs in funds. These funds proceeds to finance research in the field of  Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a degenerative neuromuscular disease that affects more than 3500 young people around the world.


Trilobe’s unique piece “Les Matinaux” – Only Watch 2019 – is a tribute to all communities fighting strongly and audaciously for effective research and patient’s treatments in the future.
This unique piece in bronze compresses life challenges into prose from René Char engraved at the back of the watch.
René Char is a poet who fearlessly shouted out “Impose your luck, embrace your happiness and go toward your risks: by looking at you, they’ll get used to it”. He paved the way for hope, courage, human warmth and wisdom. With the courtesy of Madame Char and Gallimard Publishing House, the back of the watch has been exclusively engraved with his quote along with the poet’s original signature.

To learn more about Only Watch and its fight against the Duchenne muscular dystrophy: