30 October 2020 / Media

Trilobe x Le Figaro Magazine

« One must dare to tell time without hands »

In his article « Hands of time », Judikael Hirel traces the history of hands that dress up the dial of our watches for centuries. These hands have a major role in watchmaking as indicators of time.

Many different hands’ models have distinguished themselves over the centuries and are sometimes as well known as the watch they dress up. But even though they stand out with their design and their story, they all have one thing in common : their mobility.

Trilobe wished to go against traditional moving hands by conceiving fixed indicators that allow time to run free on the dial of the watch. For centuries, time was frozen under moving hands. Now, with Trilobe, time is liberated. Hence our credo « Time Liberated ».

These indicators, which strictly speaking are not hands, are in shape of trefoils, a timeless and universal architectural motif made of three circular arcs, that echoes the three pillars of time: Hours, Minutes and Seconds.

In this article, Judikael Hirel salutes the boldness of Trilobe who “dares” to offer a new way to tell time, without hands, allowing the brand to distinguish itself in the Fine Watchmaking competitive environment.