My soul has its secret, my watch has its story.

“Secret” Edition is an invitation to immortalise a precious moment in a poetic way.

The starry sky is a freeze frame for a selected point in life: a delicate way of entrusting its receiver with a powerful message of love, a happy memory, a life project, an open secret, for an intimate creation.

Montres automatiques Trilobe de la collection Les Matinaux Secret avec un cadran sur-mesure : une carte du ciel réalisée en impression 3D de superluminova

A unique piece

Each dial is personalised and made bespoke: a map of the sky with the stars from the day, time and place that are dear to you, thus, making each watch a unique piece. A subtle way to free time, from a happy or promising moment, and to freeze it for eternity.

Choose your moment

An easy way to carry a secret

At nightfall, after being activated by a UV light, the drawn stars come to life and light in order to illuminate the chosen moment, thus suspending the passage of time. A new invitation to free oneself from time. A unique and meaningful timepiece.

A first in watchmaking

Each starry sky dial is custom-made through transfer of the stars. Each star linked to a constellation is manually filled, one by one, with superluminova. These light up after being exposed to a UV light.

Trilobe's Initial Project

This watch with a starry sky was Trilobe’s initial project. Facing such technical
complexities, this project was developed in parallel with the “Les Matinaux”
collection. It took two years of R&D to reach the final result with a personalized
watch in an intimate and poetic way.

Creation and availability

Indicate a date, a place and a time under “a lucky star” and we obtain the
position of the stars for this place and this precise moment.

Delivery time for each unique piece: 3 months after receipt of the order.

Vue de jour de la montre Secret, une montre automatique Trilobe avec un cadran sur-mesure : une carte du ciel réalisée par croissance 3D de superluminova

Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève Nomination

The Secret watch was nominated by the jury of the GPHG 2020 edition in the category “Petite Aiguille”.

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Trilobe"Les Matinaux"

Our first collection. Inspired by the author René Char and his poetry collection “Les Matinaux”. Three circles, five variations: Which one would you choose?