Unique watches

Trilobe. Time. Liberated.

A new way to tell time.
3 rings, 3 indicators, 1 new frame of reference.
No more hands and preconceived notions.
Innovation is put at the service of creation.
A movement that liberates time.
An urgent invitation to take your time.


Concept of fine watchmaking

Embrace difference

There are no absolutes!
Do you fancy seeing the world from a different point of view?
Are you without any preconceived opinions?
Do you like pushing boundaries and overcoming bias?
So do we!

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Automatic movement

Watchmaking innovation & expertise encapsulated

A savvy mix of boldness and French poetry.
Between traditional Swiss watchmaking and an unprecedented vision.
Discover the X-Centric movement:

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New Collection

Nuit Fantastique

“Nuit Fantastique” defies symmetrical forms and is made up of four parts, three of which are in permanent rotation.
Three rotating rings are set in motion, each bearing a gradation of time, hours, minutes and seconds.
A new classic.

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