6 june 2022 / Launch

Trilobe in two-tone

This new model takes as its mantra “best of both worlds“, for a pure and natural creation. This time, our iconic grained dial dons its summer dress with a colour reminiscent of dune sand. For fans of 1930s vintage chic, this Dune edition is the rebirth of a fiery, flamboyant hue whose refinement has already proven itself. Emphasizing and sublimating the infinity symbol through a colour contrast, the dune grained dial awakens under the light of the polished and satin-finished angles, like grains of sand in a desert lit by a radiant sun.

Designed for a titanium grade 5 or 18-carat rose gold case, the Dune edition of the Nuit Fantastique collection pays tribute to the purity of Trilobe’s design. The treatment of the stamped and grained dial unfolds the dune color of this edition, thus creating the illusion of sand settled on the dial. This edition is an ode to natural, sophisticated, and humble elegance, embodying with finesse and style a timeless and refined luxury, for an offbeat watch creation.